Homeowners Insurance Apocalypse 2019


Seeley Insurance has been selling insurance in California since 1990. Prior to that Benton Seeley, agency founder was selling Allstate insurance since 1976.  We have never seen such a change in the market as we are now. All standard and most non-admitted insurance companies are not writing new insurance in areas in California with a Fireline score of 4 or higher. On top of that most of the same carriers are not going to renew current policies with Fireline score over 4, some as low as 1.

For most clients with the Fireline score over 3 there are not many options at the moment, most clients who are losing their homeowners insurance coverage will be quoted with the California Fair Plan accompanied with an optional DIC Policy with Seeley Insurance.

It is very important to read about the coverages offered with the FAIR Plan



What is Fireline?

ISO (Insurance Services Office) is a leading source of information about property/casualty insurance risk, and in the late 1990s in order to more accurately assess a dwelling’s susceptibility to loss from wildfire, it developed and trademarked the term “FireLine”.

FireLine information, in the form of a score from 0-30, is determined by ISO when they combine the recognized risk factors and satellite imagery of the individual dwelling under evaluation, which is determined by the property address.


Is this Permanent?

We believe that all the insurance carriers are trying to regroup after the catastrophic fire, they are taking care of all their clients first that were affected by the fire and then trying to not end up like Merced Mutual. After they get caught up we believe they will come out with new insurance products and significantly higher rates and then start to write insurance again.


Who is Merced Mutual? 


At Seeley Insurance we will do are best to keep your property insured with the best coverage at the best possible price that is available. Every month we will send the list of current clients with the FAIR plan to every carrier and check each one to try and find new coverage for that policy.