What is the CA Fair Plan?

California Fair Plan Property Insurance


The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements(FAIR) Plan is a state-mandated program that provides fair access to insurance for individuals who are having trouble insuring their property due to the fact that insurers consider them high risk. The FAIR plan is a "shared market plan."

The FAIR Plan is not a state agency, nor an insurance company. The FAIR Plan is stronger than any single insurer, since it is backed by the capital and surplus of all insurance companies writing property insurance in the state

FAIR Plan Dwelling Policy Named peril policy that covers:

· Fire

· Extended Coverage

· Vandalism or Malicious Mischief

The California FAIR Plan Dwelling policy rates will change effective April 1, 2019, for both new business and renewals. Overall, rates are increasing by more than 20% but the specific change that policyholders will experience will depend on the location of their property. 

The California FAIR Plan last raised its rates in 2011, and it decreased its rates last year. 

Reason for Overall Rate Increase

The new rates reflect the higher risk of loss in wildfire areas and the increased cost of repairs for losses in these areas, as well as an overall increase in the cost of repairs. Premiums for policies in wildfire areas will increase more than policies in urban areas. 



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